Starting your own business is exciting and rewarding, but it can quickly become EXPENSIVE if you aren’t careful. It is easy to get caught up in all the bells and whistles that are available to you, but the truth is, as a new coach or entrepreneur, you need to keep things simple. You will have many hats to wear, and the more you invest in fancy and expensive tools or services, the more overwhelmed you will feel. 

Many new coaches and online business owners think they need a sophisticated website or paid social media strategy to get started, but I’m here to tell you that is simply not true. Those things will be essential down the road if you plan to scale, but in the beginning, KEEP IT SIMPLE. 

Follow the 6 tips below to get your business started for as little as $100 per month! 

In addition to having your own device, and a way to connect to the Internet, the apps and online tools below will help you run your business with ease, AND in a way that won’t break the bank as you’re just starting out. 

But before you read on, beware of a common “NEWpreneur” mindset trap. In the beginning stage of business, your brain will try to convince you that you need a fancy website, branding photo shoot, and custom logo so that people consider you “legit.” Lucky for you, none of these things are necessary when you are just starting out as a coach or online service provider, and it’s your brain’s way of “deflecting and protecting” because you’re embarking on something new and exciting. Your brain will fear this at times, and it will cause you to doubt and make excuses. Don’t let it! 

In the beginning, your day-to-day life should be all about showing up and serving, relationship building, and making simple offers to your ideal clients. 

The best way to do this (and the least expensive) is to use the apps and online tools listed in this article, and explained below. Let’s dive in! 

Marketing Your Business

If you are going to grow a successful business, people have to know you exist, and they need to clearly understand the service(s) you provide. The good news for you is that sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest are FREE, and they are a quick and easy way to start getting your message out to your ideal community. Static posts, Talking Videos, Reels, LIVES…there are so many ways for you to begin marketing your business and showing the world how you can support them. 

Cost Per Month: FREE

Business Management Platform 

As a new business owner, you might not have a team to start, and that means you will be personally managing all leads, consults, agreements, emails, etc. Which is why you need a tool that allows you to coordinate your busy schedule, plan your services or programs, maintain communications with clients, and so much more! Enter Dubsado. Dubsado is a Business Management Platform that helps you manage all aspects of your business with greater ease. From branded landing pages for lead generation, to proposals, workflows, invoicing, and templates…Dubsado allows you to hit the ground running and look professional in the process.
Cost Per Month: $17-$33 (Depending on the plan you select)

Social Media Scheduling 

Since time is money, and that fact is even more true in the early stages of your business, you will want to invest in a tool that makes scheduling your social posts an absolute breeze. And that’s where the social scheduling tool, Later, comes in. Later allows you to post multiple times per day from multiple social profiles, gives you full analytics for up to one year, makes hashtag suggestions, and so much more. Free up your time AND reach your ideal audience with greater frequency when you invest in the social scheduling tool, Later

Cost Per Month: $15-$40 (Save 17% when you opt for the yearly pricing)

Schedule Consults and Client Meetings 

While Dubsado is a great tool for sharing your calendar link, you will still need a way to facilitate virtual consults and meetings. Lucky for you, both Zoom AND Google Meet are FREE to use AND they integrate with Dubsado. It’s a win-win! 

Cost Per Month: FREE (You can eventually upgrade to paid plans for access to more features) 

Professional Designs

If your brain is telling you that you need to “look” professional, then Canva is the exact tool you need to create anything from on brand social media posts to jaw dropping slide decks for that masterclass you’re planning.  Canva has thousands of templates to choose from for your Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest posts and Reels, you can select the ideal design size based on the social media platform you are posting to, and present, download, schedule, share, or print your designs. Canva has a FREE plan, but I recommend Canva Pro because it is an unbelievable bang for your buck.  

Cost Per Month: Free-$12.99 ($119.99/year if you opt for yearly pricing)  

Email Service Provider

One of the most important things you should do when first starting your coaching business, is to grow and nurture an email list. A lot of new coaches don’t prioritize email, or think it is something they do “down the road”, but that’s a BIG mistake. Social media algorithms change constantly, and it’s getting harder and harder to grow organically via social media. Prioritizing your email list, engaging in consistent email marketing, and explaining to your ideal clients how you can help them achieve the results they desire, is a great way to build your authority and turn warm leads into paying clients. 

Flodesk is an email service provider that lets you design and send beautiful emails, create forms and workflows that help you build your email list with ease, and they recently launched “Checkout” (It’s in beta right now). Checkout is as easy and beautiful as Email, and helps you sell digital products, services, courses, workshops and even free webinars, and accept payments in 3 easy steps: Sales page – Checkout – Delivery. (Additional fee for “Checkout” when the beta period ends on September 13…but members get the chance to grab lifetime pricing for both Email and Checkout for as little as $29.50/month if you upgrade by 11/1. So don’t wait! Use my affiliate link below to score a sweet deal AND start growing your list! 

Cost Per Month: $19/month with my 50% off affiliate link! ($38 without the discount) 

Now that you understand how to grow your coaching business for as little as $100 per month, there are three more important things you need to know. 

3 Bonus Tips

#1 Form an LLC

The most affordable way for most people to form a legal business is a limited liability company (LLC). It is less expensive than a corporation, and you can complete this important step on your own in just a few minutes by using one of these LLC services:

  • Zen Business: Start your LLC in minutes. 
  • LegalZoom: Start an LLC in 7 Easy Steps 
  • RocketLawyer: They’ll check your name, file your paperwork, and follow up with your state. They even offer a money back guarantee. 

#2 Avoid Unnecessary Expenses When Getting Started 

In the beginning, many coaches will want to feel “official,” so they’ll order business cards (Opt for the free app HiHello instead), hire a fancy web developer (This service is important AFTER you gain experience), look for a branding specialist and expensive business coach (Again, much needed AFTER you gain experience), and pay for a professionally designed logo (This will make you feel official, but it isn’t going to bring your ideal client to you). 

At the beginning stages of your business, you won’t need these “shiny objects”. Instead, follow the advice above. Starting your business on $100 per month or less will give you experience working with all types of people, you’ll learn how to best serve them and get the results they desire, as well as gain invaluable clarity on the exact brand and clientele you want to build. 

#3 Land Your First Paying Customers and Build Your Social Proof and Testimonials 

A business without paying customers is just a hobby. And finding your first few paying customers will be one of the hardest stages in your business. This is why you need to be focused on meeting people and serving them. Everything else can wait for later.  Once you land your first few paying clients, you will want to gather social proof that you can use to market your busness. 

Why is social proof important? 

Social proof and testimonials are the best and most effective ways to gain trust with your ideal clients. The more reviews and testimonials you have, the easier it will be to convert leads into paying clients. 

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With gratitude + GUMPTION,

How To Start an Online Business for Less Than $100

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