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From a part-time social media manager, to CMO, and ultimately CEO, Kim built and scaled two companies, and now she helps other business owners do the same.  

Kim assists entrepreneurs in diverse industries and is a trusted advisor for business owners and their teams when it comes to establishing or elevating presence online through PR & Visibility, Branding, Marketing, Sales Strategies, and Repeatable Systems.

Business Advisor to 6& 7-Figure CEOs

Imagine taking focused and consistent action everyday in your business, so you meet and exceed your revenue goals, allowing you to change your life and the lives of your clients. 

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Running your business might make you feel like you’lI never be able to keep up with everything. Trust me, I know the feeling of wearing so many hats that your decision fatigue becomes REAL.

That decision fatigue can cloud your clarity and confidence. Once you throw in the feeling of not knowing who you can trust to help you… it becomes exhausting.

I learned the hard way that the coaching community isn’t always ethical, and that doesn’t sit well with me. As you grow and scale your business, you need a mentor who can support your mind just as much as they can support your business. And there aren’t many programs out there that focus on building an entrepreneurial mindset AND a killer strategy, while avoiding burnout.

You have passion and purpose, but you probably are also doubting what you should be doing and working on each day.

You're feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed by all the experts, courses, and hacks you see.


After working with me, you’ll know exactly what your business needs, and how to create powerful results.

You’ll also have the ease of knowing exactly what the next steps will be!

In a world where you’re inundated with information, I guide you through application implementation

Are you ready to grow your business with courage, boldness, & audacity?! 

Yeah, ya are!

This is why I created Founder Fast Track. An exclusive LIVE coaching program for entrepreneurs who want to use their gumption to grow a profitable & sustainable business on THEIR TERMS!

The entrepreneur's journey is lonely at times, and it can feel even lonelier when you're in the growing stages of entrepreneurship. This is why developing an entrepreneurial mindset, in addition to business systems and strategy, is the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I will work with you to develop a clear offer, a marketing & sales strategy, as well as help you strengthen your business self-confidence so that you show up in the energy that sells.


1:1 consulting

Founder Fast Track

For the successful entrepreneur who is ready to scale their business to multi 6 or 7-figures. 

The Exclusive LIVE Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs who need a specific blueprint for growing a profitable business.



Work with Kim


Strategy + Mindset + Relationships =
A successful entrepreneur

Kim's coaching programs provide many ways to discover what’s holding you back from accomplishing all of your business goals. Together, we will create a plan that ensures your daily choices help you show up with clarity and confidence. With my support, you will identify common roadblocks. Things like: time management, self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, unclear marketing, and so much more! Once you grow your gumption, you’ll have the guts to get rid of anything that tries to get in the way of growing a successful business.

Jillian G.
Podcast Manager,
Jillian Grover Podcast Solutions

"Before working with Kim, I felt that everything was suffering in my life - business, family, and my health. Kim helped me shift my mindset and reword the thoughts I was having. She helped me understand that I don't have to do it all. The thought of starting with a minute a day to create a habit changed my life. I have now been able to keep up with my routine because there is less pressure on me. I highly recommend working with Kim if you feel stuck in your life or business (or both). I have been able to apply everything Kim taught me to improve my life and business."



Client Love

Carrie D.
Owner, Carrie D Photography & CDP Photobooth Co.

"I feel, at times, that I left a 9-5 to work 24-7, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Learning that it is ok to delegate work, and get help from others when there are things that take more of my time, has been a huge load off of my shoulders. Also, I feel like if everyone would just find YOU -- they'd be 1000% better!"



Client Love

Michelle M.
Health Coach

"Since beginning Kim’s coaching program, I can now look at myself in the mirror and like who I see looking back at me. I have decided to share my story by being part of a multi author book. I have started a new journey as a health coach, and found a passion in helping others. My stress level has decreased and I am happier than I have been in a LONG TIME!"



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