Even the most successful business owners & entrepreneurs struggle to find the right strategies to generate sustainable growth, boost lifetime value, and create a loyal customer base that fuels their business for years.

Unlearn business “habits” that are holding you back and get ready to create chaos-free growth and predictable profitability!  

Unlearn business “habits” that are holding you back and get ready to create chaos-free growth and predictable profitability!  

Kim Breiland

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Business Growth Coach & Strategist

Learn to focus on the key tasks that will accelerate your business growth and create regular $10k months. Establish a strong base in marketing, visibility, sales strategies, and a high, lifetime-value offer that reliably attracts customers. Founder Fast Track is a cohesive business-growth strategy for entrepreneurs who are serious about creating a successful online business. 

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COMING SOON: There's been a MAJOR shift in the market. To grow, scale, & become a highly profitable business you need to be a customer-centric business. Business owners who understand their customers and tailor products, services and/or experiences to the needs and desires of those consumers will become or continue to be the ones who thrive. It's time to unlearn everything you know and learn new habits and systems for greater profitability. It's time for you to become a PROFIT INNOVATOR.  

Learn strategies, systems, and leadership skills from a business growth coach who has started, run, and scaled three companies, and has supported clients in growing past $1M+ in annual revenue. If you're ready to invest in ELEVATED and high-touch business mentorship that supports your scaling goals, we invite you to book a call.

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Imagine taking focused and consistent action everyday in your business, so you meet and exceed your revenue goals, allowing you to change your life and the lives of your others. 

learn how to best run, grow, AND ScaLE your business with a business growth strategist

Running your business might make you feel like you’lI never be able to keep up with everything. Trust me, I know the feeling of wearing so many hats that your decision fatigue becomes REAL.

That decision fatigue can cloud your clarity and confidence. And this directly impacts revenue generation and your quality of life.

You have passion and purpose, but you probably are also doubting what you should be doing and working on each day.

You're feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed by all the experts, courses, and hacks you see.


After working with me, you’ll know exactly what your business needs, and how to create powerful results.

You’ll also have the ease of knowing exactly what the next steps will be!

In a world where you’re inundated with information, I offer you a clear business growth strategy.

If you're ready to learn how you can create a scalable and self-led company from an experienced business growth coach and strategist let's chat!

I work with Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who want to "calm the chaos" and grow a profitable & sustainable business on THEIR TERMS!

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Predictable Profitability

(Unlearn business "habits" that are holding you back)



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