The most comprehensive program for early-stage founders serious about growing their business online.

Leverage unique brand positioning, a signature offer, and a visibility strategy for accelerated revenue GROWTH. 

Before I tell you all about the program, let's talk about who this is really for...

Whether you're...

A service provider who feels frustrated with a lack of traction despite actively using the freebies you've collected from blogs, emails, and podcasts to create a sales and marketing strategy. 

An expert who is confused as to why it seems like no matter how hard you work, how many hours you put in, or how much you try - the results you want are still out of reach. 

A coach ready to make a difference but you know that you're struggling to market yourself and close sales calls so you can run a profitable business. 

Founder Fast Track is for driven entrepreneurs like you. You have no shortage of ambition, but you are tired of trying to piece together a cohesive business growth strategy that will allow you to make the impact you desire.   

You're in the right place. 
Founder Fast Track will give you the strategies, systems, tools, and inspiration to support you in your entrepreneurial journey.  
Keep scrolling to learn more! 

Imagine taking focused and consistent action everyday in your business, so you meet and exceed your revenue goals, allowing you to change your life and the lives of your clients. 

learn how to best start, run, and grow your business

How to design your business model from Day 1 to support the life you want to create

How to identify your unique brand position for greater revenue growth 

How to leverage AI for greater productivity and predictability 

What marketing strategies work for growing your followers and sales 

What is a valuable "Freebie" and how do you create one that converts

Why you should always be building an audience, list, and community and how to do it

How to create short and long-form content for a content to conversion system

How to craft and price an offer that sells

Why launches are so important and how to do them effectively 

How to use PR to increase visibility and build authority 

How to create lifelong fans of your brand

What SEO is and why it is no longer optional 

How to create a unique brand position that allows you to stand out and connect with your ideal clients. 

The steps for creating a signature offer that sets you apart from your competitors and allows you to shine like the true expert you are.

Join Founder Fast Track and you'll learn...

How to create predictability and greater productivity for increased profitability. No more wasting time on things that don't move the needle! 

Inside you'll learn...




Each week you're invited to a LIVE 60-minute workshop that will cover a business topic relating to the FFT Method (GROWTH, MARKETING, or MINDSET). You will learn how to apply, implement, and take action on your business goals in this co-working style workshop. (Wednesdays at 1pm EST/10am PST)

Great copy is what attracts, encourages, and convinces your ideal client to engage with you. Learn best practices for social media, sales pages, funnels, and emails. Learn the exact things to do when improving your marketing. 

Join an exclusive and private Facebook community, a "CEO Circle". Collaborate, refer, and build relationships with like-minded business owners. Since your success is determined by the people you surround yourself with, join this inner circle where you can ask questions, network, and find the support you need. 

The FFT Team is here to help you gain clarity, find solutions, and take action on your goals. Issues may arise in between sessions, but you don't need to troubleshoot alone. You can ask questions and get a written response from the team (Monday-Friday). 


Your time is valuable, and that means you need on-demand access to all FFT calls.  Anything I teach live you’ll have access to in our private client library. Plus, I share easy-to-follow guides and swipe files of what’s worked in my businesses.

Imagine this...

  • Imagine taking FOCUSED action every day, changing your life and the lives of your clients. 

  • Imagine taking all the freebies and inexpensive courses you've purchased and replacing them with a cohesive business growth STRATEGY

  • Imagine booking MORE CONSULTS because you know exactly what to spend your time doing each day. 

  • Imagine learning how to market yourself and close sales calls so that you create a PROFITABLE business.

  • Imagine receiving support and accountability so that you can massively ACCELERATE your business growth.

The Details  

When you sign up for Founder Fast Track, you'll receive access to the Founder Fast Track Planner, the CEO Schedule, the training module "5 Steps to Clarity", and an invite to LIVE coaching calls and the PRIVATE Facebook Group. 

When you sign up, you'll get immediate access to my custom Founder Fast Track Planner. This digital planner will help you get on track, and stay on track all year long. (Valued at $49) 


Founder Fast Track (Monthly Payment)
$347 per month for six months

Founder Fast Track (One-Time Payment)


Lifetime Access