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In a marketplace dominated by rapid change and innovation, staying ahead means understanding the shifting dynamics of consumer behavior—especially among the influential Gen Z. Recent research by Archrival, along with insights from other industry experts, has illuminated how Gen Z’s unique shopping habits are reshaping the traditional path to purchase. In this blog post, we will take a deeper dive into Gen Z marketing trends and how your brand can adapt.

Gen Z Marketing Trends

1. The Power of Social Media in Gen Z’s Consumer Journey

  • Major Source of Inspiration: An impressive 77% of Gen Zers in the US turn to social media for style inspiration monthly, with platforms like YouTube (57%), TikTok (53%), and Instagram (44%) leading the way.
  • Preference for Authentic Discovery: This generation values authenticity, with 71% constantly seeking to discover new brands organically through their feeds.

2. Navigating the Noise: Gen Z Content Consumption Trends

  • Overwhelmed but Open: Despite being bombarded with content, 80% of Gen Z report they manage to sift through to find gems, seeking quality and relevance in a sea of information.
  • The Unpredictable Success of Short-Form Video: Platforms like TikTok have become crucial for inspiration, though their spontaneous nature makes marketing outcomes unpredictable.

3. In-Person Experiences Still Hold Weight

  • Digital Meets Physical: Even as digital natives, 74% of Gen Z shoppers value in-store experiences more highly than online ones, with a significant 73% preferring to make purchases physically in stores. And for service-based business owners this means more in person experiences.

4. The Gen Z Algorithm Trust Factor

  • Curating Content: Gen Z trusts algorithms to curate their shopping experiences, with nearly 50% believing these technologies know their preferences better than they do themselves. This reliance on digital curation is shaping how they discover and interact with brands.

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5. Brand Loyalty and Community Building

  • Beyond Transactions: For Gen Z, brand loyalty extends beyond purchases. Brands like Madhappy not only sell products but also foster a community by integrating wellness and mental health support into their business model.
  • Creating Brand Universes: 54% of Gen Z says they are more likely to buy from brands that engage them in a broader narrative, showing the importance of building a brand universe that involves them in meaningful ways.

Strategies for Engaging Gen Z with Your Marketing

  1. Authentic Engagement: Foster genuine interactions and community involvement.
  2. Seamless Online-to-Offline Experiences: Ensure that your brand provides a fluid transition between online inspirations to offline purchases.
  3. Adopt a “People First” Lens: In the past, brands were at the center of the customer journey – today, people are (and always should have been). Whether you are a small business owner or enterprise organization, it is important to understand your customer, and you must lead the way with inspiration, community, and loyalty. 

Implement these Gen Z Marketing Trends Now

As Gen Z continues to redefine the marketing funnel, the challenge for brands is to adapt and evolve in ways that meet this generation’s expectations for authenticity, engagement, and community. By understanding and implementing the insights I’ve shared, your brand can create deeper connections and foster lasting loyalty among Gen Z consumers. 

To learn more about Gen Z marketing and other business marketing strategies, consider booking a call with me to discuss how I can help you reach your revenue goals. You can find time on my calendar HERE.

5 Gen Z Marketing Trends in 2024

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