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Small Business Coaching

This exclusive LIVE small group coaching program is for the business owner who is ready to...

a 6 month business accelerator THAT TEACHES you HOW TO achieve maximum revenue growth AND STEP INTO YOUR CEO ROLE

Structure your business operations for maximum growth potential 

Implement effective systems that will grow with you as you build your Dream Team

Prioritize the most critical tasks that will bring a return on your investment

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Implement timeless business strategies combined with the latest cutting-edge trends

If that sounds like you...

There's a spot for YOU inside our 6-month small business coaching accelerator.

Are you ready to create SYSTEMS that optimize business growth, increase predictability for greater PROFITABILITY, and develop the leadership skills that allow you to SCALE to CEO

Our 6-Month container is for small business CEOs with a proven offer who are ready to:

Step into your leadership role - Stop working IN your business and start working ON your business. Learn the tasks to delegate to free up your time and become the visionary leader.

Simplify your systems for increased success - having predictable and reliable systems lowers stress and gets your business running like a well-oiled machine...which leads to greater revenue growth.

Increase visibility, build authority, and get PAID for your expertise  - Become an industry leader who changes the lives of others and creates your unique professional and personal legacy. 

Increase productivity while decreasing the number of hours you work - Learn the strategy behind getting MORE done in LESS time. 


Within 3 months of our small business coaching, our clients doubled their subscriber base, booked new speaking events at a rate that was 233% higher than their rate before working with us, and implemented automation systems for greater predictability & productivity.   

"Working with Kim was a game changer for setting up systems and automation for our business. We came to Kim having "bootstrapped" our business for more than two years and she helped us hone in on what we needed to be focusing on to grow and scale.

Our business supports the disability community and is not your traditional business model. Kim took the time to understand our journey, our goals and our community and didn't apply a cookie cutter approach to what we needed. She helped us create lead magnets that have more than doubled our subscriber base and set us up on a path to grow our DE&I programming.

Outside of all of that, Kim is an incredible cheerleader and truly cared about us and our business. We know our time with Kim has set us up for success for many years to come."

Taryn L. & Jess Q.

Co-Founders, Extra Lucky Moms

are you on the brink of burnout, and looking for a more sustainable way to grow your small business?

By now, you've probably invested in a bunch of online courses and have spent 1000s of hours reading books, listening to podcasts, and being a Google and YouTube super-fan.

And none of it gave you a plan for taking action to get the results you want. 

Now you're stuck and unsure how to scale past six-figures.

So far, you've managed successfully with a mix of referrals and a select few individual clients, but you're well aware that this model isn't viable in the long run.

You've reached your capacity, unable to accommodate more clients without compromising your ability to accomplish the countless daily tasks that are essential to your business.

Despite all the energy you're pouring into it, your content seems to be falling on deaf ears, receiving little to no attention even though you're making your presence known across multiple platforms.

You find yourself perpetually dousing fires, struggling to discover that one extraordinary team member who could help elevate your business to unimaginable heights.

And you might be questioning whether it's even worthwhile to continue.

What you need is: 

You're smart & driven, but you know that isn't enough to achieve the success you desire. 

Run your business with excitement and motivation again with our small business coaching program.

A system for increasing visibility, building your authority, and creating a community of loyal followers and clients.

A sales and marketing plan that helps you attract and convert more leads so that you can exceed your revenue goals and hire your dream time.

A roadmap for packaging your expertise into a scalable offer so that you can catapult your growth and step into your visionary CEO role. 

A millionaire mindset that ensures you're focusing on the most effective and efficient tasks that move the needle in your business.

Brand Positioning: Increase visibility, build authority, and stand out as an industry leader

Lead Generation: Attract & convert your ideal clients via repeatable sales systems  

Crafting Scalable Offers: to create predictability in your business and break through revenue plateaus 

Team Building: Stop working IN your business and start working ON your business...step into the CEO role and lead your Dream Team.

at kim Breiland Coaching, we specialize in… 

If you are ready to invest in a coach with REAL business growth experience, who knows and understands the exact systems and strategies that help business owners reach multiple six-figures and BEYOND...Scale to CEO is for YOU.


Client Results

Michelle M.

0 to 5-figure Health Coach in < 6 months

3x published author within 1 year of working with Kim Breiland Coaching

Michelle Maguire Coaching

Allison F.

Saute and Soiree LLC

Dialed in her product/market fit and created a scalable offer.

Improved clarity + systems 

Erin D.

Erin Davis Studios

Grew an Etsy Shop from 0-1,000 sales in one year

Established systems for scalability  

Imagine waking up each day knowing you're making your business dreams a reality...

You're crystal clear about your unique brand proposition; who you are, what you do, and why your ideal clients need you.

You are paid for your expertise. Not only supporting your current lifestyle, but putting yourself on a path to creating generational wealth. 

Your clients achieve maximum results. Using your signature service or product, clients are able to achieve the transformation they desire faster than ever before. 

You live by your CEO schedule to ensure you're focused on effectively and efficiently growing your business.  

You're a leader with a dream team that serves at the highest level.

You're building a legacy, both personal AND professional, that allows you to create a ripple effect and enjoy great impact and satisfaction.  

Are you ready to Scale to CEO?


Meet your business growth coach,


As a former PR/events executive, and then a CMO for an educational startup, I witnessed firsthand what it takes to grow, lead, and scale a business. And I took what I learned and used it to grow a wildly successful life coaching business. Now, I use my experience to help entrepreneurs gain clarity, establish systems, and create scalable offers that help them achieve the revenue and profitability they desire. 

I created Scale to CEO to be the solution for the gap I saw in the small business coaching industry. Cookie cutter business methods don't work for all businesses, and to reach seven-figures, you need a reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable mentor by your side. Systems and processes create predictability and reliability in your business and help you achieve maximum revenue growth and profitability, without burnout. Because you deserve the life AND business of your dreams

You’ll also learn how to...

payment plan:



1 PAYMENT OF $10,200 (10% discount!)



Weekly LIVE business building group call: Strategic Advisory with Kim followed by a workshop-style implementation session (every Tuesday at 1pm EST)

Weekly LIVE business building group call: Strategic Advisory with Kim followed by a workshop-style implementation session (every Tuesday at 1pm EST)

Resources, templates, trainings, community, + more

Resources, templates, trainings, community, + more

Monthly office hours

Monthly office hours

(4) 1:1 calls with Kim: mindset, accountability, and customized support for your business

(4) 1:1 calls with Kim: mindset, accountability, and customized support for your business

Quarterly deep-dive sessions 

Quarterly deep-dive sessions 

10% discount ($1,200 value)

It's time for you to go from working in your business to working on your business - It's time for you to scale to CEO


5. What if I need support in between sessions? 

You will have access to the team Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm EST via email and a client Facebook group. (This excludes weekends, holidays, & specific vacation dates that will be listed in the client agreement. Business boundaries are a big part of preventing burnout, so I practice what I preach, and I will teach you to do the same.)

2. Who is this coaching program NOT for?

Scale to CEO isn’t for newbies or dabblers. This container is for business owners who are serious about growing a profitable and sustainable business. 

1. Who is this small business coaching program for?

Scale to CEO is for service-based or hybrid business owners looking to scale to seven-figures.  It is for business owners who have their product/market fit dialed in, regularly experience recurring revenue, but have yet to create a healthy net profit margin. If you are struggling to delegate, build your dream team, create better systems for success, or feel stuck working in your business, this program is also great for you.

6. Do you help me with “tech stuff”?

While I am happy to suggest what to use, I do not offer support with setup. However, I know a TON of amazing entrepreneurs who specialize in every area of business when it comes to technology, and I’m happy to make recommendations as needed.

4. What happens if I have to miss a session during the program?

All sessions are recorded and placed in the member portal within 24 hours of each coaching session.

3. How much is the program? What about refunds? 

Scale to CEO is 6 payments of $2,000 or $10,800 PIF. Refunds are available upon request during your 6-Month program. Simply email ( You will be refunded a prorated amount based on the number of remaining months/weeks left in the program. In the event a refund is requested, you will not be able to rejoin Scale to CEO or  Refunds are not available after your 6-Month program has concluded.

7. Why should I choose this program and not another one?

Every business is different and each one requires unique support to grow and then scale. Many small business coaching programs offer a cookie cutter methodology, limited 1:1 support, and inconsistent accountability. The Scale to CEO program, and my coaching, helps you in a unique way that other coaches and programs can’t. I developed Scale to CEO to fill an ever growing gap in the business coaching industry.