Are you ready to grow your business without the overwhelm? 



Fast Track


The Founder Fast Track program is for YOU if you are a business owner...

  • On a mission to change your life and the lives of others

  • Full of grit, gumption, and ambition, but you're feeling lost, confused, & overwhelmed in your day-to-day

  • Committed and ready to get to work on growing a thriving business 

Claim Your Brand Position, Marketing & Sales in 90 Days

Imagine taking focused and consistent action everyday in your business, so you meet and exceed your revenue goals, allowing you to change your life and the lives of your clients. 

learn how to best start, run, and grow your business

How to design your business model from Day 1 to support the life you want to create

How to build a personal brand that people are obsessed with

How to identify a profitable niche 

What marketing strategies work for growing your followers and sales 

What is a valuable "Freebie" and how do you create one that converts

Why you should always be building an audience, list, and community and how to do it

How do you create short and long-form content for a content to conversion system

What should you sell and HOW you should sell it 

Why launches are so important and how to do them effectively 

How to get out of the "Friend Zone" and make sales 

How to create lifelong fans of your brand

How to set "Just Right" business  goals 

An established coach or online business owner who is struggling to keep up with their business and needs easy-to-use systems so that you can focus on the work you enjoy and that matters.

An online coach who's frustrated and bought tons of courses and certifications, but still lacks the business traction you desire despite putting yourself out there.

Join the Founder Fast Track Program and you'll learn...

An action taker who is tired of "going it alone" and craves people who will cheer you on, act as a sounding board, and give you some tough love in the moments you need it most.

Whether you're...


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Each week you're invited to a LIVE 60-minute workshop that will cover a business topic related to STARTING, GROWING, or SCALING an online business. You will learn how to apply, implement, and take action on your business goals in this co-working style workshop. (Tuesdays at 3pm EST)

LIVE 60-minute mindset coaching with Kim. This monthly call is a true "POWER HOUR". You'll develop a CEO Mindset once you raise self-awareness around the thoughts holding you back. Overcome fears around money, showing up, failure and living in victim mentality. (2nd Wednesday of the month, 12pm EST) 

Great copy is what attracts, encourages, and convinces your ideal client to engage with you. In these calls, Kim will workshop member sales pages, funnels, and copy not only to offer expert advice, but also to teach everyone the exact things to look for when improving your marketing. (Day/time varies each month)

Join an exclusive and private Facebook community, a "CEO Circle". Collaborate, refer, and build relationships with like-minded business owners. Since your success is determined by the people you surround yourself with, join this inner circle where you can ask questions, network, and find the support you need. 

The FFT Team is here to help you gain clarity, find solutions, and take action on your goals. Issues may arise in between sessions, but you don't need to troubleshoot alone. You can ask questions and get a written response from the team within 24 hours (Monday-Friday). 


Your time is valuable, and that means you need on-demand access to all FFT calls.  Anything I teach live you’ll have access to in our private client portal for throughout the program. (Join my membership for continued access at the end of your program). Plus, I share easy-to-follow guides and swipe files of what’s worked in my businesses.

Founder Fast Track

The Exclusive LIVE Group Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs who need a specific blueprint for growing a profitable business.

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90 Days to Master Your Personal Brand, Marketing + Sales


What will it cost you?

Join now for only $297 per month (for three months), and you'll get immediate access to my Founder Fast Track Planner. 

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What other Founders have to say about the program

Jillian G.
Podcast Manager,
Jillian Grover Podcast Solutions

"Before working with Kim, I felt that everything was suffering in my life - business, family, and my health. Kim helped me shift my mindset and reword the thoughts I was having. She helped me understand that I don't have to do it all. The thought of starting with a minute a day to create a habit changed my life. I have now been able to keep up with my routine because there is less pressure on me. I highly recommend working with Kim if you feel stuck in your life or business (or both). I have been able to apply everything Kim taught me to improve my life and business."



Client Love

Carrie D.
Owner, Carrie D Photography & CDP Photobooth Co.

"I feel, at times, that I left a 9-5 to work 24-7, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Learning that it is ok to delegate work, and get help from others when there are things that take more of my time, has been a huge load off of my shoulders. Also, I feel like if everyone would just find YOU -- they'd be 1000% better!"



Client Love

Michelle M.
Health Coach

"Since beginning Kim’s coaching program, I can now look at myself in the mirror and like who I see looking back at me. I have decided to share my story by being part of a multi author book. I have started a new journey as a health coach, and found a passion in helping others. My stress level has decreased and I am happier than I have been in a LONG TIME!"



Client Love