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Self-Confidence in yourself is different from self-confidence in your business.

You can be a very confident person, but lack that same confidence when it comes to running your business.

Here’s why. 

Confidence comes from solving problems. But as business owners, especially those who are “NEWpreneurs”, the idea of taking risks in your business can seem scary. And your brain is wired to look for scary and avoid it. 

Avoiding decisions or actions that seem scary looks like second guessing yourself, engaging in non-revenue-generating tasks (Hello, updating your IG bio or website!), and “waiting on a response” from others. 

Here’s what to do instead.

Confidence in your business comes from taking action, and then evaluating what works and what doesn’t. On a regular basis, carve out time to evaluate the action you’re taking in your business. Keep track of your observations using a Google doc, journal, or anything that works for you. Don’t avoid or fear the “what isn’t working part” because the faster you learn what isn’t working, the faster you’ll figure out what is working, or what will work. And that’s what will move your business in the direction you desire. 

Learn from your mistakes, but don’t avoid them. It’s the fastest way to achieve your goals. 

The more you lean into taking action, evaluating your action, and then trusting yourself to course correct…the stronger your self-confidence will be in your business.

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